Born in Harrogate (Yorkshire, UK) 1956

Travelled to India overland, via pre-war Afghansitan, 1977

BSc Politics Bristol University, 1978.

Founder and director of Harrogate Fringe Festival, early 1980s

Resident at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Frist book publishedin 1984.

Moved to Spain in 1985.

Deputy editor of Costa Blanca News, 1990. Contributing editor of Charming Small Hotels Guide Spain.

Assistant editor of Playdays magazine, London 1993

Senior editor for the Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness 1994-1999

Relocated to southwest France in 2002.

Currently working as as a writer, translator and photographer, as well as lecturer on tourism, communication and leadership skills to undergraduates of the IUT – Toulouse University.

The bulk of my current work is to do with travel although I also write about politics

Nick Inman in writing

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