A Guide to Mystical France Nick Inman
Travel in search of the meaning of life


“For all those millions who love France for more than just sunny days and great food , Mystical France is the complete guide to help the spiritual in you the next time you visit this wonderful country.The author, Nick Inman, has lived in France for years and raised his children there and he knows France. His guide to the secrets, mysteries and sacred sites of mystical France tells us all we need to know in order to enjoy, participate, and understand this rich spiritual heritage. Mystical France is well researched with fascinating stories of places and people. Topics covered range from the value of legends in our lives to Templar sites and the Chateaux of the Alchemists to churches and faiths in France today. Inman takes the time to explain French spiritual history and beliefs in an easy- to- read way. Author of best-selling guide books to France and Spain, he gives us in this new book the added plus of a guided tour of some of the best and most interesting places to visit from soaring cathedrals like Chartes to pilgrim routes such as St. Jacques de Compostela. This is the best and most concise guide to spiritual and mystical France that you are ever likely to need.”

Stafford Whiteaker, editor, Good Retreat Guide

“A gem of a guide of high worth. The beauty of writing a book on mystery and legend is that we are not fettered by history or convention, and the joy of reading such a guide is that we are free to interpret as we see fit. Nick Inman directs us to ancient sites and leaves us there to explore and decipher the unknown. The chapter Seeing Beyond provides a wonderful introduction to looking behind the obvious. The tourist looks for a stone altar while the pilgrim seeks an altered state. The one looks for information the other insight. Photographs relieve the text and provide the feel of a travel guide, which makes it easy to dip in and out of the various chapters. As a cartographer I would like to have had maps to help me locate the many sacred sites that the author refers to. But overall this is a welcome addition to the paucity of material available to the mysteries that lie behind and within the manifold monuments of France. Bravo. Now let’s have one to Mystical Spain and…”

John Brierley Author of the Camino Guides


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